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Some may look at games as a waste of time or money, but others such as myself, with ADHD, find them invigorating, a life-saver, a conduit for our creativity!

While playing a game, you’re able to travel to another world or universe.

Live another life, destroy some lives? If it grabs your attention, your hyper-focus hones in on the game.

Even if that means just surviving in this other world, it thrills us ADHD-ers to have such a challenge.

It stimulates our minds when the game forces us to think outside the box.

I enjoy several different genres, but one of the main ones I loved to play was management. Haha, what a laughable concept right?

I know…

How can an ADHD-er such as myself who has always been looked at as lazy or disorganized play that?!

These might’ve been the games I could hyperfocus on, but even at times, I wouldn’t do all that great.

Your thoughts are never organized whatsoever, to begin with, so how could I make my Sims’ lives productive, how could I keep my RimWorld colonists alive, or what about strategizing in Apex Legends?

Different games allow you to obtain various goals:

Here are some examples…

  • Focus on the Main Goal of the Game (That’s pretty much a given.)
  • Creating a decent outline prior to building your Prison on Prison Architect
  • Finding the Best potions on Skyrim
  • Lists of Sims’s Traits, Whims, and your goals for them. (Input your game’s “content” if other than Sims)

How does any of this have anything to do with ADHD?

What is hyper-focusing exactly? 

It’s an intense form of deep concentration or fixation on an interest of yours. While performing tasks you’re not hyper-focused on, you may be easily distracted.

But when you hyper-focus, the task at hand is all that matters.

Time is out the window, as you could easily sink hours into a game that grabs your attention!

Is being hyper-focused a bad thing?

Is it harmful to you? Not necessarily.

Scientists, and others, have proven that Hyper-focus can be used positively.

If it's something you're interested in, like if it were to be work, school, or other, than you're good! You're set!

You should be able to knock out whatever is thrown your way.

There is still a huge possibility you’ll choose unproductive activities that can lead to problems at home with your children, relationships, work-life, household work, etc. though.

So yes, of course, gaming can be detrimental when it comes to finding the motivation to do chores instead.


So always be sure to use gaming as a reward for finishing accomplished daily goals and tasks! That makes the experience twice as sweet.

Especially when you don’t have that sudden realization that you forgot to sweep up the floor because you put it off to play games.

Being productive is very important. Easy to say, harder to do, sadly.

Sorry to sound lame, but if my life were an RPG, my Procrastination would be a 20, the villagers would’ve already starved 'cause I had been collecting each species of butterfly for the past week.

Haha. So yeah, I can be a procrastinator.

Playing games, any kind, even mobile, can be a huge stress-reliever. Other people like to have a glass of wine at the end of the day, some meditate, exercise; well I love to reward myself and end the day with my favorite game(s)!

Time and time again, I had been so worn out mentally and physically.

So after it was time to put the kiddos to bed and settle down for the night, playing a game and putting a movie on, came to mind.

Stress is a recurring thing that we can’t control, but we can ease the symptoms it causes.

Throwing myself into a different life, in someone else’s shoes (sometimes), or a whole new universe, a storyline; gave me that peace of mind where no thoughts of my stressor would break through.

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