Losing a Furry Best Friend


It doesn’t get any easier any time you lose a fur baby. I don’t care what anyone declares.

Whether it be your cat, dog, bird or ferret; any type of pet can create a bond with you and it last long after they’re gone.

Dogs become Human’s best friends and give us life and joy. Even though that’s what they think of us. Having their loyalty and knowing; was an honor in itself.

The time I was given with my sweet, baby boy Wolfie, is cherished forever in my heart.

To this day I have such vivid memories of his sweet brother Todd. He passed away about four years ago and he still crosses my mind weekly. As I had never forgotten about his brother before him, I will never forget Wolfie.

“They’re just dogs…”

To me, they are so much more;

  • Good listeners (for the most part, unless they’re sleepy.)
  • Protectors
  • Kissers
  • Thunder Buddy
  • Adventure Buddy
  • Emotional Supporters
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“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.”

Thom Jones

Acceptance and Healing

From the experience of losing pets, I’ve learned that time does help stop the tears falling from my eyes, but it doesn’t heal that part that’s missing from your heart. The emptiness and pain will subside and it’s all apart of the grieving process, which does in fact have stages.

Seeing them every morning, waking up to their wet kisses, or a paw in the face (unintentionally), are the moments we live for. 

The moments they live for everyday.

Without receiving these gestures that would happen almost every day for most of us, it’s certainly hard to accept that these will no longer be continuing.

The love they give us on the daily, is unconditional, unlike other relationships with people. Loyalty and trust is built within the short time frame we’re given.

There are days where Wolfie, (originally named Wolfe), would help me escape out of an panic attack. He would lick me, nudge me, and reassure me that everything was going to be okay.

You couldn’t ask for a better friend.

I made a short video for him on TikTok, in memory.

Whether it be a sudden passing or one you’ve known was coming for months, it’s still a loss of someone you loved.

When you begin accepting and start healing of this tragedy, you should never forget the memories that came with the time you did have your arms wrapped them.

Keeping the Memory Alive

When a pet passes away, there are some ways to keep the memories alive.

  • Picture Frame
  • Create a Collage
  • Plant a Tree
  • Memory Book

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