Managing Finances with ADHD


Having ADHD…

Having ADHD and managing your finances is a huge challenge we may go through. It also doesn’t help when your significant other is an ADHD-er as well.

Our brains work differently than Neurotypicals, so we do things a little out of the norm than what they do or are used to. ADHD-ers are more likely to have financial burdens than ones without.

Many factors can cause this challenge for us. Some of those include, but are not limited to;

  • our disorganization (with items and thought processes)
  • keeping up with financial records/paperwork
  • impulsivity
  • forgetfulness
  • procrastination
  • bad time management skills
  • and others.

ADHD is a medical condition that does have it’s positive traits. Note: Not everyone will have the same ones.

All at the same time, being a barrier on most levels of adulting.

Ways to help manage Money/Finance

You have to first understand where your problem areas are with your finances.

Do you overspend? Impulsive buy every time you see something you want? Forgetful? Have you procrastinated a time or two on paying bills? How many credit cards do you have?

  • Planner/Calendar (for deadlines)
  • One Credit Card
  • Mobile Apps (As an ADHD-er, I enjoy electronics, and on that note, technology is such a BIG help when it comes to organization, deadlines, to-do lists, etc. There are many apps for mobile that can help with these specific financial struggles. I’ll be posting these very soon on new post!)
  • No impulse spending
  • Record Purchases
  • Discuss and Think before Prime Purchases
  • Budget Planner for Expenses

  • Track Spending (Categories)
  • Have a Savings Account
  • Set Financial Goals
  • Keep track of Cash
  • Speak with Professional and/or Finance Coach
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Getting behind on bills is not an ideal situation, but it does happen. Late fees tend to be a reoccurring thing with us ADHD-ers, (well at least in my case). Mostly because of procrastination, mixed in with forgetfulness, and not paying attention to deadline(s). Financial management issues can cause stress to anyone, but it’s especially apparent to people with this condition.

None of this is our fault, but we still put the blame on ourselves and question why we can’t just be normal like others and have an actual savings account or just be better in general at money management.

We shouldn’t be ashamed when financial instability takes place, so feel free to talk with someone.

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