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In the past few years I had noticed a symptom that worsened and escalated. I was beginning to lose, what I thought, was my mind, but no, it was just everything else in my household!

I am not just talking about losing an important object such as house keys, car keys, my driver’s license, etc. every now and then… More like every other time I attempted to set foot outside my door.

Every morning, the bus for my two kiddos would be arriving at approximately 7:08 a.m. I set my mind to get up at 6:30a.m. to start the process of waking them up. Might I add, my two are not the easiest to get up and moving, especially when for some reason or another they didn’t go straight to sleep. It can be a real struggle at times.

There were mornings that reminded me when I was a kid and how much of a struggle it was for me to get up and going.

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Anyways, I’m getting to the point. Usually, I hear my alarm on my phone, (THE LOUD EHH EHH EHH one) and think it’s someone calling, so I’ll continue snoozing it, “I don’t know who you are,” is what I’ll usually mumble to myself as I “hang up” on my alarm. I know it doesn’t make much sense but that’s what happens!

Welp, anyway, time passed on, and I wake up finally, only to have about 5-7 minutes to get them dressed and out the door! I would be like…”Oh gosh, kids…” And they ask, “What?” So I’d respond with “We gotta go guys!” All the while, my brain is going 100 mph, “Why aren’t they ready yet? Where’s the keys? Where are all the kids’ socks? Why are all the dogs inside? Where are the KEYS?!”

I ask the kids as if they would know, when I already knew what their answer was gonna be, but I asked anyways, if they knew where the keys were. They both stated no.


These are the times when I would get extremely worked up and began frantically searching, all while the extremely limited amount of time I had given myself dwindled lower and lower. We would search high and low within the living room and kitchen, all the while they would be stashed away in the pockets of our pants/shorts, which were residing on our bathroom floor!

During the search, and having a time limit, it gave me some of the most intense, mini panic attacks. We live in a rural area, and when the pandemic hits your family hard, (husband getting laid off and being our only source of income at the time), you don’t really have all the gas money in the world. If you’re late for the bus, you’re required to take them to school still, so that is a big deal in my mind.


And the ensuing panic almost would always cause a lot of issues between my husband and I, because I would usually end up getting frustrated with him, as if it were his fault for everything. And then we both end up being grumpy!

While I rush them down our rural, private road, missing all the bumps I can whilst praying the bus hasn’t already gone by, every thought about gas and money, and having to drive 20 minutes away to get the kids to school runs through my mind.

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Losing things, even important ones, is a reoccurring situation. It’s not just me in the household; it’s all of us that do it. My kids, especially my sweet oldest girl, loves to mess with stuff that doesn’t belong to her, and half the time, she doesn’t even know she has it in her hand.

We’ll look at her and say, “What’re you doing?” And she’ll throw whatever it was that she had in her hand back down and just let out a grunt and respond with “I don’t know!” Poor baby…

The reason I mention this is because a lot of the items we lose can sometimes be due to her having them in her possession. When it wasn’t supposed to be. To this day, I still haven’t found my spare set of keys that I lost years ago…

How? The world may never know.

Ways to help keep up with your things!

  • Have a designated area for keys and other regular-use items. Tip: For keys, I would recommend at the entryway on a key holder. You’ll have to train yourself to put them there.
  • Even as important as phones are these days, I still end up losing mine on a daily. No matter what time of the day! Even if I had it in my hands or within reach, just a few minutes prior, my phone would still seem to disappear. Might I add, ending up in the most random of places. (Link Coming Soon) There are also plenty of products I will suggest in one of my upcoming posts for you to ponder about buying!
  • Get what I call an “Important Binder”. It’s where you can keep your MOST important documents such as; taxes, bills, kid’s health, vehicle info, etc. This is a way you can keep everything all in one place.
  • If you wear a bra, and you’re anything like me, you are more than ready to allow your breasts to breathe freely, throwing your “Boulder holder” off to wherever it may land and leaving it there. Finding a specific place for it to be hung, or stay, and actually placing it there. (This was just a bonus tip if you have this issue.)
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