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Hey, all you parents out there! Looking for some fun board games for your kids to play? I have five listed below to start!

Especially during the summer, but even during school times/weekends/etc., my children often are looking for suggestions of fun activities for them to do.

They look up to us parents to try and find ideas for them. Board games, like many other activities, are not only FUN, but they also can be strategic. Which makes our kiddos really use their brains. <———-Adsense Expert: How to get Started!

1. Twister

  • 2+ players
  • Ages 6 & up

Twister: Yes, the classic FAMOUS game Twister. Always has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid, and now MY kids love it! Get twisted in this exciting, fun game!


2. Operation

  • 1+ players
  • Ages 6 & up

Operation: A fun one for the whole family! Who is going to get zapped if you don’t, as the Doctor, make your patient feel better?! My husband and I love playing this classic game with our children, that still brings laughter and smiles to our face, even to this day!

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3. Sorry

Sorry: The classic game, Sorry! Do you think your children will be kind to their opponents or get sweet revenge any chance they can get?!

  • Up to 4 players
  • Ages 6 & up

4. Guess Who

  • 2 players
  • Ages 6 and up (If taught, younger kiddos can also enjoy!)

Guess Who: An extremely entertaining game for age appropriate kids that would be able to guess the characters! My 8 and 5 year old love it and will continue playing for hours on end with me, and one another.

Guess the character and be ready to answer a bunch of yes or no questions!

5. Chutes and Ladders (Another Classic)

  • Ages 3 and up
  • Up to 4 players

Chutes and Ladders: A super fun game that your kiddos will love to play for hours! Climb up the ladder or slide down the chutes! Great for children who can’t read just yet. Awesome practice with counting their numbers! The goal: BE THE FIRST TO REACH THE TOP!

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