Never knowing I had Adhd


The title says it all. I’m 25 years old, I’m married, I have 3 kids, and was just RECENTLY diagnosed with ADHD. I lean more towards the inattentive side, but I have hyperactive traits as well! I guess you could call me a hybrid “ADHD-er”.

ADHD is one of the most common neurodevelopment disorders in children. It is most often diagnosed at a young age, but can take some, years into their adulthood to discover theirs.

There are 3 different classifications of ADHD. If you’d like to know more about these specific traits, and classifications of ADHD, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter. Scientists to this day, are still studying ADHD. Everyday, we learn more about the effects that our traits have on our daily lives!

I was unable to start the journey on my own, but my son’s symptoms and diagnosis sparked an interest within me that led to some odd hours of research so I’d be better equipped to raise a child (or children) with ADHD. And what I discovered were similarities between this wonderful boy and myself! So of course I started to wonder, “Could I have ADHD too?!”

Before I talk any further on the subject, I would like to take a moment to explain my personal standpoint on it. I do not look at it with disdain, resentment, or jealousy because I’m not “normal”. I honestly cherish this trait. Just finding the answer to SO many questions that I’ve had about myself has been a huge blessing. There’s been a lot of “symptoms” and situations that ADHD has brought to my life that I could definitely do without in most cases, but there are also plenty of Positives. Simply put: ADHD is NOT a disorder. “Disorder” implies negativity! From my standpoint, It is a TRAIT that comes with its pros and cons! And even so much as just knowing that you have it, is a step in learning how to manage your ADHD!


Ever since I can remember, I’ve had trouble doing many things and apparently had quite a few symptoms of a “disorder” that I had no idea could ever apply to me!

  • Trouble Focusing in school (Causing bad grades and rebellious tendencies)
  • Poor Concentration During Conversations
  • Little to No Emotional Control
  • Daydreaming/Spacing Out
  • Poor Organization Skills
  • Forgetfulness/Losing Things Often
  • Throwing Tantrums as a Child, Then, as an Adult, Would “Blow Up” Due to Poor Emotional Control

These were the ones that were noticeable, but little did ANYBODY know, I have what they call A.ttention D.eficit H.yperactivity D.isorder. For what many of us thought was “ADD” (no -> H <-), is ACTUALLY just one of the three different classes of ADHD. These symptoms are all associated with this “disorder”. Some kids have them worse than others. Some even adapt to UTILIZE their ADHD to benefit them, taking advantage of their hyper-focusing trait!


It seemed; that back then, ADHD was not widely known about. So when I would throw my tantrums/fits and yell (unfortunately) at my mom, she would always wonder why. I at times would question my behavior. After having these meltdowns, I would feel guilt about it and apologize over and over to her.

It was never ideal situations, but we got through it, and thankfully, my mom never gave up on me! Sadly, not all of us get to know what that’s like. And for those of you amazing enough to be reading this, I’m not giving up on you!


Self-awareness is the first step to getting your ADHD managed, no matter which “edition” you have. With the Discovery starts the Journey to understanding what situations put you at risk of becoming overwhelmed, the reasons you have meltdowns. I’m finally learning how to communicate the tangled mess in my head to others BEFORE the meltdowns!


ADHD is defined as a pattern of inattentive and/or hyperactive-impulsivity that interferes with every day life. There is such a thing as having a combination of both. Each “brand” has its own ups and downs, and EVERY case of ADHD is unique!


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