List of Household Responsibilities: Younger Kids Can Help With


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There are plenty of small responsibilities that your little ones can assist you with! Day-to-day, a mess of some sort is there. You just cleaned yesterday?

Well, I got news for you, your youngest just spilled his or her milk on the floor, another marked on the walls with a crayon; the list can go on and on.

Some children love to help clean or pick up; I have one myself that loves to ask if she can help me all the time. You may have one that is similar!

These responsibilities, even the smallest ones can help them along their journey of learning what responsibility is. Also, how MUCH it can truly improve the household as a team.

If you have multiple children, this can help guide them also on how to assist others. Which will lead to them knowing how to share and help pick up at school. If you have age-appropriate kiddos, ask them if they’d like to participate in cleaning up the Livingroom or Kitchen as a team. If they understand it’s not just one or the other doing it, they’ll feel more inclined to do so.

Making it Fun

I know some days are harder than others, Mamas, Dads, but, our kiddos get worn out mentally and physically too. So, when asking them to do even the smallest things, ask with calmness in your voice.

When school is in session, this is especially important; children don’t just sit at school and listen to their teachers all day. They exercise, walk, play, among other activities. Exhaustion is a given, so give them at least an hour after the school day to rest their brain and body.

Your little ones may sob a little, so staying calm and not becoming upset with them; I’ve noticed they favor that approach much more.

Patience is key, even though it can be a climb to acquire. If need be, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself a second to collect yourself.

Depending on your household with your kids and what you all like to do as a family, can determine what fun you can associate with the task(s) at hand.

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As for me and mine, I implement singing and dancing into the mix. My kids LOVE that route.

Especially, when I turn on our Bluetooth speaker, and play even music I enjoy myself as a parent. (Kid-Friendly music of course!)

This is not necessarily for everyone, but there are still plenty of other ways you can make “taking care of their responsibilities”, fun!

Spotify: Here’s an example playlist of Kid Genre Songs.

In categories, here are some tasks they can safely and easily help you with!


  • Set Table
  • Clear Table
  • Wipe off Table
  • Throw away trash
  • Help feed animals (dog, cat, bird, etc.)
  • Pick up toys

Living Room:

  • Dust
  • Sweep (if tall enough, etc)
  • Vacuum (if comfortable doing so)
  • Pick up Toys


  • Pick up Bath Toys
  • Wipe Counter(s)
  • Take out Trash of Small Bin
  • Place Dirty Clothes in Hamper (if applicable)


  • Dust
  • Pick up Toys
  • Make Bed (if they are able)
  • Put away Clean Laundry
  • Place Dirty Laundry in Hamper


  • Pick up “outside” Toys
  • Walking Pets
  • Gardening
  • Watering Plants
  • Clear porch/patio

Schedule and Routine:

Schedules and lists! They truly do work for a family of 5, so if you have a smaller “tribe”, success should follow as well.

With schedules and lists, you’ll have routine.

A calendar set up where you see it DAILY, and a paper notebook in your kitchen or wherever you start your day.

Write a list for the day; of what you want yourself, and your kiddos to take care of. If your children aren’t at reading age yet, explain to them what their task for the day is.

As for the ones who can read, it will help for them to see ahead of time what may be going on this day or throughout the week. No surprises make for happier/excited kids!



  • Pick up toys in Room
  • (Insert More Responsibilities Here)

Example 2:

Travis 10/10/2021 or October 10th, 2021:

  • Pick up Toys in Room
  • Wipe Table

Here is a fun, free, Printable To-Do Sheet!

Responsibilities aren’t all of our favorites, but they still have to get finished; here’s hoping this can help you have a better feel of organization and routine with your kiddos!

Remember to try and always make it fun! They’ll love to join in more so, than if not.

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